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About Moksh Bodh

To all the blessed Sahaja Yogis and seekers of Sahajayoga to those eagerly awaiting seekers of absolute truth, in this creation of divine being i.e. in this materialistic world, to let the real knowledge flow which is the essence of life “Atma Bodh” (self realization), should be made available and have its experience published in the form of a small book was a necessity of present time.

The book required should have the know-how about the kundalini awakening and establish himself in the self-realization, as the blessing of H.H.Shri Mataji. It should provide knowledge to the new seekers, so as to have their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ascent in this materialistic world. To have this mission fulfilled, the collective felt the need to have access to such introductory book. Although few years back “The Divine Cool Breeze”, “Chaitanya Lehri”, such books were already in circulation.

Similarly, ‘Moksha’ hindi magazine was started from Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) about 20 years back. For this effort, Madhya Pradesh Sahajayoga committee had a few renowned Sahajayogis such as that time state leader Mr. S.P.Nigam, Ex-State leader Mr. Harish Nigam, H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Trust’s trustee Mr. Yogesh Lodha & their associates hard work has taken ‘Moksha” magazine on the top of the success. They promoted the popularity of this magazine.

After few years this opportunity has fallen in the lap of the Ujjain Collective and the responsibility has been shifted to Mr. Premchand Gupta, Advocate from June 2018 onwards by Madhya Pradesg Sahajayoga Committee. Now, to have this magazine ‘Moksha’ transferred to Ujjain for publication was a tedious job, which included a lot of paperwork and many types of formalities. So, the public opinion was in favour to publish this magazine in the new revised form and titled as “Moskha Bodh” and was registered by Govt. of India in November 2018.

In January 2018, the local administrative authority of Madhya Pradeshhas permitted the publication. Then after “Moksha Bodh” has been made available to its readers from Ujjain. This is the next updated version of ‘Moksha’ from Bhopal.

In this divine work, who so-ever knowingly or un-knowingly has co-operated us and established faith in on our efficiency, they all deserve to be thanked. We humbly committed to own this responsibility, which is laid on us. We assure you all that this project would be successful, will keep growing round the clock flawlessly.

Please help us to be creative more and more. May, Shri Mataji bless us all.