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"So coming to the right point, we have to say that, that many people have still some lingering funny ideas, like “I have a good friendship with that gentleman” or “I’m very friendly with such and such gentleman” and all that. It’s not a maryada then. You Cannot have friendship with--between men and women, you cannot, it’s absolutely absurd. In the West the whole culture is funny; because if you go to a dinner party you are supposed to sit with somebody’s husband on both the sides – horrible! But in the East it’s not done, because the Vishnumaya is against these things. She will see to it that husband and wife sit together. Now here, as you know, the chastity part is so much missing that our left Vishuddhis are catching. And when I talk about it, it catches more. ......"( Shri Vishnumaya puja UK, 1 Sept 1985) To think that the woman is dominated by man or man is dominated by woman comes from a kind of a complex and this complex must be given up. You are complimentary to each other. You decorate each other. Never talk ill of your husbands and never talk ill of your wives. This is the key of having an exclusive married life.( HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  29 Nov 1981, Hampstead, UK) Photo Marrige in Shree Ganesh PUJA Sepetember 2019 , Cabela, Europe .