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That I have to tell you. There are so many collective disasters we have – all kinds of. 

We had many earthquakes, we had many floods, rain, then the muds – mud came down like a river; and so many disasters in the world and sahaja yogis are saved from that. 

All the sahaja yogis are saved from that, no doubt, but after being saved, what is your understanding? 

What do you know? 

Why these disasters are coming?

Because Sahaja Yoga is not very collective. 

It has to become very collective. 

It has to spread much more, all over. 

It has to go to many people, which we don’t do. We are at a standstill, or little bit we do it. But go all out! 

Look at Christ’s twelve disciples! Of course the people went into wrong things. But how they worked and how intensively they did it.

That intensity if you don’t have, and if you do not completely dedicate to the spreading of Sahaja Yoga, then collective problems cannot be solved. 

You are busy with your daily mundane things, and your other jobs and everything; it’s all right, in Sahaja Yoga no objection. 

But you should have your attention more on to this side of life that – 

‘What are we doing for the collective? 

Are we talking about it? 

Are we spreading Sahaja Yoga?

Are we making people know about it?’ 

I was surprised, once I was coming by plane and a lady sat next to me and had very bad vibrations. I put myself into bandhan, and I asked her what is she doing for her spirituality, and she gave the name of ‘Bahai’ people. “My God” I said. If these people spread out, they are so spread out, they are so many! 

So, what will happen? Disasters! They are such negative people, impossible that they can do any good to the world. 

And like that you see, anybody, false guru, how people are driven to them, how they take to them, and how they spread their message. I have seen people singing on the road, singing the praise of their guru, and also wearing funny dresses – we don’t want that kind of a thing.

But of course you have got the knowledge, of course you are realised souls. 

But what have you done for Sahaja Yoga is the point. 

You have to spread Sahaja Yoga…everywhere. 

For example, you wear a badge, then they will ask you 

“What is this supposed to be?”

Then you have to tell them what is it, something. 

You start talking about Sahaja Yoga only! Talk nothing else but Sahaja Yoga. 

You have to go on talking about Sahaja Yoga, spreading Sahaja Yoga: unless and until you do it, it won’t become collective, and all the disasters, which are due to collective nonsense, you get it.

You are saved from so many things. Say even if there’s pollution, for a sahaja yogi it won’t matter. 

Even if there is a disaster of an earthquake the sahaja yogi will be saved. 

But why not save the whole world? Calamities after calamities are coming, and if you have compassion you must think of the people who can get into any calamity or into any trouble. 

Of course I can cure many people, no doubt. But I don’t know how to make Sahaja Yoga very collective.

Now you are so many people here, you all can start giving realisation to at least 100 people. Go everywhere. 

Talk about Sahaja Yoga. 

Sing the praise of the Divine, and you will save the whole world. 

It is not by saving some few people you can have the great Satya Yuga, but you have also to save this Mother Earth. 

You have to save the people who are in it.

I mean, the way these people are, I have seen so many of them on the television. They, shamelessly they are talking about something which they don’t know. And they have thousands and thousands of people behind them. Not that the people are stupid. Not that they want to go on a wrong path, but these people who are false, or who are wrong, know how to entice them, how to capture them, how to talk to them. 

But a sahaja yogi, you see, if he sees somebody with a negative vibrations will run away. He will escape such a society, will not go near them, and will say “Oh, very bad vibrations, we don’t want!”.

So you have to be courageous and get into these places, talk to people and make it collective.

Otherwise you cannot save this world from the wrath of God. 

God is wrathful, no doubt. 

For you, he’ll save you, but what’s the use? We have to save this Mother Earth. And for that you have to be prepared, you have to work it out, and whenever you get a chance you must spread Sahaja Yoga.

Some people told me “Mother, if you come then it will be All right” Why? What’s so much? …. you can be also like me. You can talk about it to people. I started Sahaja Yoga with one person and, that time, it was complete darkness everywhere. No seekers, nothing, and horrible people, but it worked and it cleared. So one person can get so many sahaja yogis, why not you people do the same and talk about it.

Your behaviour, your style, everything will definitely impress them. One has to work it out in such a manner that you achieve our goal of collective consciousness. 

It is not only for sahaja yogis, it’s for everyone. So that all these calamities that are happening, horrible things that are happening, will stop. 

Completely stop, I assure you, it can be stopped. Because you are always saved. 

So all people who will be getting realisation will be saved. 

Why not talk openly about it telling people that if we do wrong, if we are immoral, if we are cheats, if we try to oppress others and we become so much a power of destruction then this collective disasters will be there and I think we’ll be responsible for that. Everything you take up, any subject you take up, you don’t have to start an organisation to fight it. But only your power of convincing people and bringing them to Sahaja Yoga will make such a difference.

Nirmal Temple, Cabella Ligure (Italy), July 23rd, 2000