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There are three shaktis which work within us. If you just start doing pranayama you will become imbalanced. And it is going to become difficult for us to give you a realization to be very frank.


By pranayam, only the ego will increase; nothing else will happen, because pranayam is a kind of physical exercise. If a person can attain the Divine by pranayam, then the person who has asthma will be the first person to achieve God because he is doing pranayam all the time. I also teach pranayam, but there is science behind everything. If the Kundalini stops in the centre heart while rising up, then a little pranayam has to be done. But for that also there is a method. If due to some physical malfunctioning, there is a problem in the spinal cord, then pranayam has to be done for that particular chakra. It cannot be like consuming all the medicine from the box.1


Pranayam and all these physical exercises of Hatha Yoga now I’m already told that in Sahaja Yoga we too do some exercises, quite a lot of our physical fitness sometimes, sometimes for adjusting our Chakras and all that and for improving the bad moon you do exercises. But we have to know what Chakra is catching, there’s a science. It’s not done that your throat is bad and you are doing all the asanas for the stomach. All the asanas are not done.


You always asked Me about Pranayam. We also do that in the wrong way. When our Kundalini rises and if our right channel is weak, in that case we can do Pranayam, but very carefully, considering it as a science. But if you are doing Pranayam unnecessarily, then it is possible that you will end up with many diseases and you may become very sluggish; so sluggish that you may be devoid of all feelings, and if you are a married person, it is even possible that you will leave your wife and children and think that you have become an ascetic. A kind of imbalance comes in your life. So, it is not advisable to do anything with your eyes closed. Which asana is required at which time can be understood after the awakening of the Kundalini, when Kundalini arises and stops at a particular chakra.


Next question: “What is the difference between pranayams and Sahaja Yoga, and which one of the two is easier?”


Pranayam is just about one side of your body. It talks about only the pranas. It doesn’t talk about the heart. People who do pranayam get so heated up and temperamental that while you are talking to them, you should keep a stick in your hand for your safety as they may attack you at any time. They are very hot-tempered people, hot-headed kinds.


So, there are types and types of people who become spirits. We can divide them into two types. One type is the one which is very aggressive, ambitious, egoistical, oppressive person who dies and becomes a spirit. That area is known as the supraconscious area. So many gurus and sadhus who renounce the world and go to the Himalayas and break their necks and do all kinds of frantic things, which we call as Bhramari pranayam, when they die without Realization they also are on the supraconscious side, and they remain on the right hand side of the human being.