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........ Shree mataji explained that a person who cannot enjoy his meditation cannot be a sahaja yogi. The first sign of a Sahajayogi is that he looks forward to the time when he can meditate. That is the time you are really in connection with the divine and you enjoy the most. If Sahajayogis cannot 

give up this joy for anything. Shree mataji said this joy is like ambrosia trickling down on the tongue. To enjoy this we have to touch our depth. All Sahajayogis have depth, but they have to touch it.                  Shree mataji said, "You have to work very hard to develop yourselves vertically in balance with your horizontal growth. "All the time you have to think that you are a Sahajayogi and you have to know what you have to do in sahajayoga and how to achieve it. You should not be satisfied unless and until you have achieved that excellence "...Mediocrity has no place in sahajayoga. Only through excellence you will enjoy. Only through excellence you will really become Sahajayogi. "                 Sahajayogis also have to realize that they are the instruments for paramchaitanya shakti to work out. The argument that 'Paramchaitanya will do everything and look after us 'is absolutely absurd. If this were so, there was no need to create human beings. Sahajayogis should now count their deeds instead of counting their blessings. They have to reach their depth. "Unless and until you become deep, it (paramchaitanya) cannot trigger. It is helpless. It is only through it is going to work out. So paramchaitanya has its own style. It can only work if you people want to work it out. It is the energy and you are the instrument ".Shree mataji said, We have to be dedicated, intense and deep instruments of sahajayoga and see... "how best you can reach people, how many people you can give realization. How many people you are going to help to improve their health, their mental condition and then how much you are going to talk about sahajayoga. This is.   EASTER PUJA... 22.04.90