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Shri Krishna resides in our Vishuddhi Chakra.

In the centre, He resides as Shri Krishna.

On the left hand side, His power, Vishnumaya, His sister, resides. There He resides as Gopala, as the one who lived in Gokul, played as a child.

On the right hand side He resides as the King who ruled in Dwarika, the King Shri Krishna.

These are the three sides of our Vishuddhi chakra.

     The people who use their right side to dominate others, use their voice to put down people, to show their authority, shout at people, are the people who get affected by the right side. When the right side is caught up, on the physical side, you get a very big problem because the right heart cannot work out its flow. So you get what you call asthma and all these diseases, but specially when the right heart is affected by the father’s problem.

    On the left side is the Vishnumaya, is the sisterly relationship. When the sister, who is your pure relation, is not treated as a sister, when the attitude of a person towards women is of indulgence and of lust, then he develops the Left Vishuddhi.

     When he develops the Left Vishuddhi very strongly, and if he has a bad Agnya, or if he has eyes which are roving eyes, then this Left Vishuddhi causes lot of trouble. Left Vishuddhi can be also caused by, as you know, by feeling guilty about things for nothing at all.

      All these problems arise from Vishuddhi. But Vishuddhi chakra has a speciality. When the human beings raised their head upward, from Mother Earth towards the sky – sky is, ether is Shri Krishna’s nature – when it raised its head towards the ether, towards the sky, then this Vishuddhi chakra developed into a different dimension and people started developing their ego and superego. Superego was already developed, but ego developed in such a way that it started suppressing the superego. That’s how you have got conditionings on one side of the Vishuddhi and ego on the other side

Shri Krishna, 

Schwarzsee (Switzerland), 23 August 1986.