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When Shri Mataji travelled to Rome in 1981 we visited different  places with Her, and were lucky enough to go to the Sistine Chapel and  the Vatican, including the chambers of Raphael. When we entered the  Sistine Chapel, it was really something magnificent to see all the  paintings of Michelangelo.

Mother told us that Michelangelo was a realised soul and how that was  the most perfect painting and the closest representation of Christ. In  that Last Judgment painting, we can see the Agnya chakra — because there  is a shape, an oval shape like an egg, around Christ, and Mother Mary  is next to Him.

Then Mother showed us how in the Last Judgment, all the people from  the left side were going down to the hell and how people were raised up  to be judged and saved. The people who were going down to hell were  going down on the left side of Christ, according to the painting. She  gave us all an explanation of the Last Judgment.

We stayed quite a while there and it was amazing to see that, in the  presence of Shri Mataji Herself, giving us all these commentaries.

Marie-Laure Cernay