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About Us

To bless the seekers of true knowledge about the self-being and the God Almighty in this materialistic world, one has to get his/her self – realization i.e. ‘Atma-Bodh’. This can only be achieved by kundalini awakening, which is a subtle residual energy lying in the sacrum bone of every human in passive state. With the divine grace of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, this has been possible to get Kundalini awakening spontaneously i.e. effortlessly.

The self-realization enlightens the attention of seeker and he is benefited physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is the mission of the Sahajayoga, to enlighten them and make them free from worldly problems.

 Now, to have this knowledge accessible to en-massee Sahajayoga meditation centers are there state-wise and world-wide, where seekers get their self-realization free of charge. It’s quite easy, as the name “SAHAJA-YOGA”, union with divine without efforts. 

 Since, long time ago there has been a necessity to make the Sahajayoga introduction, and its technical know-how accessible to seekers. A book from Bhopal, M.P. Sahajayoga committee has published “Moksha”, around 20 years back. For this effort Madhya Pradesh Sahajayoga Committee had a few renowned Sahajyogis like Mr. S.P.Nigam (M.P. State leader that time), Mr. Harish Nigam (Ex-State Leader), Mr. Yogesh Lodha (H.H. Shri Mataji NIrmala Devi Trust’s trustee) & other associate’s hard work and dedication has placed the ‘Moksha’ magazine on the top of success. They promoted its circulation to the extreme of popularity.

 While permitting the publication of Moksha Shri Mataji had cautioned that in future print media has to face the digital publication.  This was long time, when messaging apps and social media platforms were not in easy circulation (at least in India).

Once H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi had talk to her husband Sir C.P.(Shri Chandrika Prasad Srivastava) from a remote place ‘Ali Bagh’ in Gujarat coastal area just by using a coconut in place of mobile phone. So it is divine grace that has helped to develop the communication technical skills to to-date-level.   

After few years of Moksha publication this opportunity has fallen into the lap of the Ujjain collectives and the responsibility has been shifted to Mr. Premchand Gupta, Advocate, from June 2018 onwards by Madhya Pradesh Sahajayoga committee. Now, to have this magazine Moksha transferred to Ujjain for the publication was a tedious job, which include a lot of paper work and to complete various formalities.  So the public opinion was in favor to publish Moksha in the new revised form and titled as “Moksha Bodh” and was registered by Govt. of India in November 2018. In January 2019, the local administrative authority of Madhya Pradesh Govt. has permitted the publication of the “Moksha Bodh”. Then after ‘Moksha-Bodh’ has been made available to its readers. This is the next updated version of ‘Moksha’ from Bhopal.

However to cope up with growing demand of this magazine, with the advancement of time, E-book is equally necessary. Shri Mataji had made us aware of E-media importance long back and e-book Moksha Bodh website has come into existence with the name of “The Sahaja Yoga”.   

After Shri Mataji’s guidance and the inspiration received from Mr. Yogesh Lodha at Shri Mataji’s Birthday Puja at Chhindwara on 21 March 19 in the presence of collectivity, it was seriously accepted when few Sahajayogis asked the details of buying Moksha Bodh online over Whatsapp and unwillingly and unprepared the staff of Moksha Bodh replied back “YES” and the website “The Sahaja Yoga” started. This was a divine work. Shri Mataji better knows how to get the work done, by whom and how? This is beyond the imagination. We, the collective of Ujjain are fortunate to have this divine work done.

With the inspiration of Shri Mataji, Mr. Mahendra Vyas, M.P. Co-ordinator has intermediated between Bhopal-Ujjain and has first prepared Ujjain Collective and then later contacted Mr. Yogesh Lodha and then after contacted Mr. B.S.Chauhan & others sahajayogis, who  have given their full co-operation in this work.

Throughout India thousand of sahajayogis are “Moksha Bodh” readers. The magazine has gained popularity in countries like Australia, America & Canada collectivity.

 We are thankful to whosoever knowingly/unknowingly has helped us in this project. We humbly own this responsibility laid upon us & assure our readers to give to provide them faultless service. Please, help to be creative more and more. May Shri Mataji bless us all.